Does Gum Chewing After A Meal Clean Your Teeth?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Does Gum Chewing After A Meal Clean Your Teeth?You may have heard the rumor that chewing gum can go a long way in cleaning your mouth and improving your oral health in the process. However, is this claim accurate? Well, it actually is!

Chewing gum will help you keep your breath fresh throughout the day, strengthen your teeth and rinse away the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. That being said, it is not as black and white as picking any chewing gum from a store as there are some variables.

Sugary Or Sugar Free Gum

It is vital that you select the best type of gum if you want to chew it in order to benefit your oral health. It is advisable that you avoid sugary chewing gum at all costs, as these varieties will just increase the amount of sugar in your mouth. This will in turn increase the acid content in your mouth, compromising your dental health and opening you up to tooth decay and cavities.

Instead, shop around for some sugar-free options. You can leave some in your pocket or at your place of work. The sugar-free chewing gum will allow you to fully reap the benefits of chewing gum without the risks associated with sugar.

How does it improve my oral health

Simply chewing gum will promote the secretion of saliva into your mouth. The saliva will rinse away the acids, sugar, and food particles that are present in your mouth. By doing so, the saliva will also neutralize the pH levels in your mouth. This is beneficial to your oral health especially if you chew after a meal or snack.

Reducing the number of acids, food particles, and bacteria content in your mouth will reduce the build-up of plaque and protect your teeth from decay. A good number of sugar-free gum is naturally sweetened by a naturally occurring substance called Xylitol.

This natural sweetener limits the activity of bacteria in your mouth and is therefore good for your oral health. Looking for additional dental care tips or looking to book a check-up? Contact us today!

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