Jaw Surgery and Orthodontic Treatments

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Jaw Surgery and Orthodontic TreatmentsJaw surgery also referred to as orthognathic surgery, reshapes the teeth and jaws and repairs jawbone abnormalities to enhance function. These modifications can also give you an improved facial look. Jaw surgery provides the best alternative corrective option for people with problems in their jaws, which cannot be addressed with orthodontics only. Sometimes you must get braces before and after the surgery until your teeth and jaws are well aligned.

Why is Jaw Surgery Done

Jaw surgery is necessary and can accrue a lot of benefits. First, it can improve your chewing ability, allowing you to chew and bite food more efficiently. It also addresses speech and swallowing problems. This enables you to talk and pronounce words more clearly. The surgery corrects jaw closure problems, and bites fit. For instance, when the front teeth do not touch but the molars do (open bite).

Jaw surgery can fix facial imbalances such as close bites, overbites, underbites, and small chins. This helps your lips to close wholly and comfortably. It also treats congenital disabilities and other facial injuries. In addition, jaw surgery offers treatment for sleeping disorders like sleep apnea. It alleviates pain brought on by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) conditions and other jaw issues.

Risks Associated with Jaw Surgery

The success rate of jaw surgery is relatively high. The procedure is carried out by skilled and high-trained oral and maxillofacial surgeons together with an orthodontist. Some risks of jaw surgery include nerve injury, blood loss, infection, jaw fracture, and loss of a jawbone's structure. You may need a root canal treatment or another surgery.

What to Expect after Jaw Surgery?

After the surgery, you may encounter some swelling and feel pain. Your surgeon will instruct you to take some painkillers if the pain persists. You may also have some eating problems, but a dietitian can help you address this issue.

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