Impact of Nutrition on Healing in Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
A glass of milk being pouredMany factors influence the healing process after an oral surgery. One important factor is your nutrition. Nutritional components are directly linked to how the body repairs and heals itself. The food you eat will help boost immune function and encourage cellular regeneration. If you follow a good nutrition regimen, you will note a quicker and smoother recovery after an oral surgery. Here are significant ways that nutrition will affect the healing process after surgery:

Offers a Conducive Environment for Healing

One major factor that nutrition affects is the environment for healing after an oral surgery. Ideally, when you ingest enough proteins, your body will be able to synthesize collagen, which is a crucial building block for your tissues and assists in forming new blood vessels. On the other hand, minerals and vitamins help support the health of your bones and immune system, which is crucial during oral surgery recovery. Ensure you always eat a balanced diet and drink enough water.

Impacts Inflammation Levels

Another thing that your nutrition affects is your inflammation levels. Including anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, such as fish or nuts, helps to avoid post-surgical inflammation. This helps to ensure that you have a comfortable recovery period. Remember that inadequate intake of some crucial nutrients may affect how the body makes new tissues, leading to prolonged inflammation and making you more susceptible to complications.

Can Affect the Healing Period

After oral surgery, you are advised not to consume sticky or hard foods. These foods can cause abrasions in the freshly repaired area. This will consequently increase the healing time and lead to poor outcomes after surgery. Thus, it would help if you adopted a light diet that contains mashed or blended foods. But that does not mean you should compromise the nutritional level of your food.

Ultimately, nutrition plays quite a significant role in the outcome of your oral surgery. When you adopt a good diet regimen, you will have a smooth and quick healing process, whether the surgery is invasive or minimally invasive. For more information about the foods you should consume after surgery, contact us.

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