When to See a Maxillofacial Surgeon

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery
A man in dental chair ready for oral surgerySeveral compelling reasons can inform your decision to see a maxillofacial surgeon. Before we can explore some of those reasons, let us explore all that you need to know about the maxilla. This bone gives the name to the specialty practice of maxillofacial surgery.

Why Maxillofacial Surgery Exists

Like every other discovery in the world that was born out of a need to solve a problem, maxillofacial surgery was born out of the need to solve issues arising from facial injuries. Most importantly, maxillofacial surgery was born to fix broken jaws and many other problems, as listed below.

Problems of the Mouth and Immediate Area

A maxillofacial surgeon treats problems in the mouth and surrounding areas. These could be problems affecting your minor and major salivary glands, wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafts, and dental implants.

Dentofacial Deformities

Maxillofacial surgeons often work with other specialists, like orthodontists, to solve occlusion and aesthetic issues, which are often called dentofacial deformities. Some of the operations done on your face and teeth are mostly to correct deformities in the upper and lower jaw.

Tumours in the Head and Neck

When you have benign tumors on the back of the neck and in your head, a maxillofacial surgeon is the specialist to go to. These cancers can be removed surgically, and the reconstruction of any defects can be done through microsurgery and free tissue transfer.

Fractures of Facial Bones

Your maxillofacial surgeon is also the specialist to go to when you fracture your facial bones, either as a result of an injury while playing contact sports, a car accident, or an assault. Any of these accidents can break the bones in your cheekbones, upper jaw, and mandible.

When to See a Maxillofacial Surgeon

There is a wide variety of reasons that can influence your decision to see a maxillofacial surgeon. The most common reasons include when you need a tooth extracted, especially your wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction might need the surgical expertise of a maxillofacial surgeon. The second reason to see a maxillofacial surgeon is to have your face restored after suffering extensive facial trauma. Finally, it is critical to see a maxillofacial surgeon to get a corrective jaw surgery and to address head and neck tumors and dentofacial fractures.

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