When Does the Jaw Bone Reabsorb?

Posted on 7/25/2019 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
When Does the Jaw Bone Reabsorb?Your jawbone is an important part of your oral structure. It is something that requires the best care possible, including how you take care of your teeth. This structure is what frames our faces, holds our teeth in place, and allows us to speak and chew like normal. However, there are times where it does not remain as healthy as it could. Our goal is to help fix that.

Your Jaw Bone and Reabsorption

When you lose your teeth, and you do not have implants put in to help your jawbone continue to stay strong, then the bone in the jaw can break down over time. The bone no longer needs to remain as strong, according to your body's signals, so it begins to break down and reabsorb the bone over time.

When the jaw is not getting this exercise or strength, it will start to break down. While this is something that does not happen overnight, it is definitely something that will happen quicker than some would like. This can happen within a matter of months to years, depending on the person and the extent of their oral health and situation.

The minerals and the other particles that make up the jaw bone are then broken down and the body just absorbs them. This is not dangerous, but it can pose a problem with the way the face looks and how the person is able to eat and speak. Plus, if the jaw bone is not remaining strong, any teeth you have left have the potential of falling out and replacing teeth with dental implants becomes much more difficult.

It is important to speak with us regarding the dentures or implants that you need to have to keep your teeth and jaw as healthy as possible. This is because you want to ensure that you have a strong jaw bone and one that you smile confidently with.

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