Bruxism is a Condition That Needs Treatment

Posted on 1/30/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Bruxism is a Condition That Needs TreatmentBruxism is known by most as the grinding of the teeth. Many people assume it's more of an annoyance to others than it is an oral issue. It's much more than loud noises at night or a sore jaw the next day. Going without treatment, there is much in the way of damage that can result in your mouth.

Issues that Can Result from Untreated Bruxism

When you grind your teeth for long periods, they constant pressure on the jaw joints can start to falter. When you have pressure on any joint for considerable periods of time, it causes swelling, tissue build up, arthritis, other issues. In the jaw specifically, you can start to develop temporomandibular disorder.

TMJ is painful and difficult to eliminate. It involves clicking of the jaw joint, pain in the surrounding area, and can feel like something is dragging or grinding when the jaw is opened and closed. By treating your bruxism, you can significantly reduce your risk factors of developing TMJ.

Dental Effects from Untreated Bruxism

When your teeth are ground together, their porous surface can become flat. This will change how your teeth come together, causing pressure in different areas. It is common for untreated bruxism to shift the teeth in the mouth and even crack some.

When teeth shift, it creates hard to reach cracks and crevices. This can quickly lead to areas of tooth decay, cavities, crowns, and root canals. When a tooth has started to rot, then is ground against. The possibility of it cracking is very high. Even in cases of minor tooth grinding, the enamel is worn away. This leaves the teeth unprotected and even sensitive to hot and cold.

By choosing to get the bruxism treated and addressed, you lower the chances of many areas of issue. Call us today, we can look at the possible causes of it and any damage you may already have that needs to be fixed.

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