Why Your Jaw May Click and What You Can Do About It

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Why Your Jaw May Click and What You Can Do About It
Your jaw is a very important part of your mouth. Not only does it hold together your teeth, but it also allows you to open your mouth to speak and chew. It is therefore important to safeguard it and avoid dangerous undertakings that might break it. Your jaw is connected to your skull by a joint that is located just below your ears. It is responsible for ensuring the jaw rests in the socket properly after release and the mouth is closed. However, sometimes this movement is not as swift and precise, and the jaw ends up producing a click or pop sound.

What Causes The Jaw To Click?

Sometimes your jaws will click because of very simple reasons such as making a huge yawn. Practices such as biting your nails, propping your jaw too far out and clenching your teeth can be responsible for the clicking on your jaw. If you like to chew gum a lot or bite your lips often you will probably experience a jaw click. All these behaviors ensure that your jaw joints are working overtime and thus erode it making it susceptible to clicking.

How Can I Deal With Jaw Clicking?

If your jaw clicks but does not bring you pain, then there's probably no cause for alarm. However, if you experience it too much and feel a bit of pain accompanying it, then you probably need a checkup. Some of the underlying reasons as to why you get jaw clicks could be due to arthritis, autoimmune diseases, or a disorder in the temporomandibular joint caused by accidents.
We recommend seeing one of our specialists today and getting a proper checkup and treatment as long as you are experiencing jaw clicks frequently. The disorder can be diagnosed and treated effectively.

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