Mouthguards Custom Made for Your Mouth Could Keep Your Mouth Safer

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Mouthguards Custom Made for Your Mouth Could Keep Your Mouth SaferYou may be surprised to learn that the number of dental related injuries and damage which comes from sports and other similar physical activities totals in the millions. That figure really does sound staggering. But the fact is that every day, all across the country, there are literally thousands and thousands of organized sports games being played on every level from recreational little league to competitive college and professional contests, depending on the specific season.

On top of that, there are countless pickup basketball, volleyball, softball, and other games going at any given place and time. When you factor in with that all of the MMA and boxing classes, wrestling practices and matches, and any other types of martial art or combat sport training, you can see why the sheer amount of possibilities for a dental injury are massive. And none of this is even mentioning rare accidents when running or jogging, lifting weights or doing a group fitness class or other similar activities. That's why mouthguards are so important for anyone who occasionally or regularly participates in these kinds of hobbies.

How Custom Fit Guards are Made

The process of manufacturing one of these pieces is pretty straight forward. A mold will be taken of the shape and design of the teeth from dental putty or a similar substance. From there the mold will be used to create a durable and exact-fitting piece of mouth protection wear. They are far superior to generic, over-the-counter mouthguards in every way, especially in how they perfectly conform to and hug your teeth and gums to give them maximum stability and protection.

To find out more about how you or someone in your family can have a custom mouthguard made, give our office a call at your next convenience. We'd be glad to help.

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