Gum Disease Can Hurt Your Lung Health – Find Out How

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Gum Disease Can Hurt Your Lung Health – Find Out HowGum disease occurs when bacteria in your mouth multiply and start attacking your gums. Some signs of gum disease include continual bleeding, aggravated gums, red gums, and gum inflammation. While gum disease isn't good for your oral health, it also isn't good for your bodily health. Gum disease has the ability to affect your heart health, weight, and even the health of your lungs.

It may seem strange that an oral disease affects your lungs, but it's true. Because your oral cavity and respiratory system are so closely connected, the health of one can affect the health of the other. When a person has gum disease, they experience an abnormal amount of inflammation. This is because the bacteria in your mouth attack your gums. However, bacteria don't only target the gums. They also can also cause other parts of your mouth to become inflamed.

How Inflammation Causes Lung Troubles

Bacteria have the ability to travel into your respiratory system via your oral cavity. Once bacteria spread to your respiratory system, they cause inflammation in it just like they do to your gums. People who suffer from asthma or COPD are at an even greater risk because they already have trouble breathing. Respiratory inflammation is not only detrimental to your health, but also has other negative consequences.

Inflammation makes it harder to get a good night's rest. This is because the inflammation caused by bacteria in your mouth makes it more difficult to breath while you sleep. Trouble breathing while you're asleep means that you miss out on the restorative properties of sleeping well. You may wake up in the morning feeling groggy and irritated even though you got 8 hours of shut eye. If you've noticed signs of gum disease, call our dental office. We can help you solve your inflammation problems related to gum disease and help you get a better night's rest.

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