Untreated TMD Could Result in Memory Loss

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Untreated TMD Could Result in Memory LossTMD is a disorder which is marked by chronic jaw pain and headaches. This disorder is related to the TMJ, which is short for temporomandibular joint. There is one on each side of your face and they connect your jaw to your skull. When one or both of these joints misalign, it is called TMD, a temporomandibular joint disorder. Untreated TMD can lead to memory loss as the misalignment of the jaw can lead to chronic pain which affects many parts of your brain.

TMD and Brain Fog

If you have ever experienced brain fog, it will leave you scratching your head as to why brain fog is not a medical condition. Confused and disorganized, a person suffering from brain fog may find it hard to focus or express thoughts verbally or on paper. Regardless of the medical nomenclature behind the term, brain fog can be a symptom of TMD. If your jaw is not aligned properly, it can affect your neck and skull, which in turn can affect your mental capacity and cause brain fog.

TMD and Neurological Problems

When TMD patients describe their symptoms, they usually articulate soreness in the jaw. This discomfort can also affect other parts of the body. Being uncomfortable, day after day, coupled with poor sleep and altered eating habits can affect the neurology of a TMD patient. Your brain tries to compensate and maintain stability, but over time, more neurological problems can occur as the imbalances start to tip the scale. Neuromuscular and neurologic disorders can stem from TMD.

Early treatment is the key to avoiding long term problems. In this case, treating TMD early can help prevent further damage to the brain. Contact our office for an evaluation. We want to help you feel your best.

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