Is Tooth Extraction a Major Surgery?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Is Tooth Extraction a Major Surgery?Tooth extraction removes a tooth from the gum, and a dentist or an oral surgeon usually performs it. In addition, this procedure is usually a minor surgery. However, in case of an infection or tooth decay that causes damage to the gums, the patient may require major surgery to remove the infected part of the tooth entirely.

Description of a Minor surgical Tooth Extraction Procedure

In this surgical procedure, the dentist may give antibiotics and dental anesthesia to the patient to ease the pain that may occur during the surgery. The dentist loosens the tooth from the gum by using a tooth extraction instrument, then places the forceps around the tooth and removes the tooth from the gum.

Description of a Complex Surgical Tooth Extraction Procedure

For this case, the oral surgeon may use sedatives to put the patient to sleep and an anesthetic to act as a pain barrier during the process. In situations of tooth impact, the surgeon cuts the flam of the gum tissue and removes some surrounding bones.

Also, the extraction process uses forceps to remove the tooth. However, if the use of forceps becomes challenging, the doctor will break the tooth into pieces for easier extraction.

After Extracting Your Tooth

After tooth extraction, the dentist cleans the gum socket and smoothens the remaining bone. Also, they recommend closing the gum with one or more stitches known as sutures. Also, the dentist asks the patient to bite down the wet gauze to stop the bleeding.

Lastly, the level of pain experienced within the tooth, or the group of infection and decay determines the type of surgery. The dentist may do minor surgery for normal pain shared on the tooth, but the dentist should do a recommended significant surgery in case of disorders that affect oral health.

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