What is Apicoectomy and why it is important

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
What is Apicoectomy and why it is importantTo achieve and maintain optimal oral wellbeing, you need to have regular visits to the dentist's office. During these visits, it is likely that our dentist will find an issue with your dental health that they can arrest before they become severe, requiring that you extract your tooth. For instance, our dentist can determine that you have a nerve infection, and will commence treatment that will prevent the infection from progressing. This is where apicoectomy comes in.

What is Apicoectomy

It is a surgical procedure performed to save at-risk tooth or teeth, and in the process avoid further complications. Both adults and children are good candidates for an apicoectomy as long as they have teeth which are risk of becoming seriously impacted and necessitating removal.

The surgery is also called root end surgery since it can require the dentists to remove the tip of the root of your tooth, or surrounding tissues. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) also refer to the procedure as apical surgery. In this case, it is because the procedure may involve removing the end or apex of your tooth.

Why is Apicoectomy Important

Our dental surgeons at the clinic recommend an apicoectomy when it becomes clear that the regular root canal treatment will not be enough to save your tooth and avoid the infection or issue from progressing.

The surgery is also important because it can correct anatomical problems. For instance, when a root of one tooth, impacts or crowds the space of a root of the next tooth, an apicoectomy will be important in preventing future complications.

An apicoectomy is therefore important in saving your tooth, avoid further complications which could require removal of one or more teeth. It is also important because it prevents having to undertake complex medical procedures.

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