Signs Of Wisdom Teeth Infection

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Signs Of Wisdom Teeth InfectionThe positioning of wisdom teeth makes it hard for individuals to clean them properly or keep them healthy. Taking a look at your wisdom teeth is important. A dentist's visit is where the specialist can look at your wisdom teeth to check for any infection of the wisdom teeth. You can also find out the signs of an infection on your teeth by reading the information here.


When your teeth are exposed to an infection that is when fever occurs as a response. Having a fever is not harmful. It simply entails that your body is trying so hard to fight a possible infection. The presence of fever in many cases tells there could be a tooth infection on the way. However, if your wisdom teeth got extracted, then the fever could be from another infection about to happen somewhere else.


Where there is fever, there are chills. However, in rare cases, they can happen at different durations. If it is already warm inside, but you are in a hoodie and not feeling any heat, then you could be having chills. A wisdom teeth infection that causes fever could be the cause of chills. Check from a thermometer for fever accuracy if you have any doubts.

Face or Jaw Pain

Pain on your face without any injury means something else is causing it. An infection or an impacted wisdom tooth could be the reason. The jaw is impacted by pain from an impacted tooth because it holds the wisdom tooth at the side and back. With time, pain may spread to other parts of your face. A toothache is a sign that needs to be attended to by a specialist. A throbbing toothache means a problem is underway, and immediate dental attention is required. A weird taste or bad breath that sticks around even after enough hygiene implies there is an infection.

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