CBCT technology from Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery Your mouth is made up of several working parts. All of these parts work together for your mouth to perform a variety of essential tasks. The parts of your mouth enable you to bite, chew, speak, express emotions, and so much more. There are several different types of issues that can affect the components of your mouth, impacting the functions of your mouth and your oral health.

To restore the health and functioning of your mouth, it is important that we get to the root of the issue. This requires an oral exam. Part of this oral exam is visual. There are many parts of your mouth that cannot be seen, however. In order to see these hidden components we at Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery use CBCT.

What is CBCT?

CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography. It is a type of 3D imaging dental technology that has greatly improved our abilities to diagnose and form treatment plans for some different oral health issues. CBCT uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam that rotates a full 360 degrees around your head. As it rotates, a series of images are captured. Once the scan is complete, the images are put together to generate a single 3-dimensional picture of your mouth, including the bones, teeth, joints, muscles, ligaments, and more.

Getting Your CBCT Scan

The process for getting a CBCT scan is incredibly quick and completely painless. Before we begin, you will be instructed to remove anything metal. This includes jewelry and hair accessories. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, these will also need to be removed. Once you are ready, you will be seated at the machine, and we will make the necessary adjustments to get the best image possible.

The whole scan only takes less than a minute to complete. During this time, however, it is essential that you remain completely still. Once the X-ray beam has finished moving, the images will be pieced together. Your completed 3D scans will then be displayed almost instantly on our computer monitor.

Creating an Effective Treatment Plan

Once we have the scan, we will be able to look it over. We use specialized software to manipulate the image in a variety of ways to make the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment plan. We can rotate the image and move it all around to view your mouth from multiple angles. We can also zoom in on certain areas for closer examination.

Using a CBCT scan, we can diagnose issues such as tooth infections, impacted teeth, and TMJ disorder. We can find tumors in your jawbone, evaluate alignment, and assess the need for a bone graft. We can also use a CBCT to determine the ideal placement for dental implants. Once we have thoroughly examined your mouth, we will then be able to create a treatment plan just for you that will provide you with the best possible results.

What are the Benefits of a CBCT Scan?

There are many benefits associated with a CBCT scan. First, the scan itself is incredibly quick and completely painless. There is less radiation exposure. We can capture high-quality, 3-dimensional images that give us an exact one to one measurements of your mouth. We are also able to get a unique look at your mouth that we would not be able to get with other types of imaging. This is possible thanks to specialized software that allows us to manipulate the image in many different ways.

Thanks to CBCT, we can see the hidden components of your mouth. With a full picture of your oral health, we can diagnose the issues affecting your mouth and determine the best treatment possible. For more information, contact Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery today at (208) 343-0909.

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With CBCT, we can see the hidden components of your mouth and provide you with the best treatment possible. Call Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery to schedule an appointment!
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