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It can be devastating to deal with dental emergencies. Whether it is a knocked-out tooth, an unexpected mouth injury, or an acute or lingering toothache, it is advised that you see an emergency dentist to resolve the issue. At Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, we see many patients coming for emergency dental care for pain, toothaches, pulp infections, or broken teeth. Whatever the case, we have our friendly and trained team to take care of your issue and get you out of that pain and suffering as quickly as possible.

What To Do When Faced With a Dental Emergency

You should stay calm when you have a dental emergency strike. Many people tend to panic, causing confusion and failure to do certain things that increase the odds of having the issue not addressed properly. If it is an injury, try to clean the area. Use water to gently clean the site. Also, if you are bleeding, you can utilize something like a wet teabag and bite on it. Contact an emergency dentist immediately so that you get specific advice on how you can manage the issue before reaching the dental office for prompt care.

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat

Not all situations that may seem like a dental emergency really are. Some issues can wait for a few days or your next appointment to get them resolved. Nonetheless, if you have a dental issue that cannot wait several days or the next morning to have it resolved, then it is considered an emergency. Common dental emergencies include:

Chipped or Broken Teeth

You or your child can have teeth chipped or broken during exercise, sports, or other quick movements. Chippings and breaks can be painful if they arise from falling on hard surfaces. You may need to use teabags or gauze to stop intense bleeding. A cold compress may help minimize swelling if you place it outside the mouth around the lip or cheek close to the chipped or broken tooth. When you get to our emergency dentist, you will have the pain stopped and appropriate treatment offered, including the need to receive dental crowns.


A toothache can signal an abscess. The ache presents with a dull throb or a pain sensation that appears more on the edges of teeth. If you do not seek emergency dental services, the toothache could worsen. You should visit us promptly to stop the pain, get evaluated, and receive a diagnosis and correct treatment. Toothaches are common when you have a pulp infection that results in an abscess. Depending on the case, you can receive root canal treatment, crowns, and other treatments.

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Knocked Out Teeth

Adults and children are likely to have their teeth knocked out due to trauma or impact. It is an unsettling and sudden event that can occur for anyone. If you can manage it, try to re-insert the tooth, but many people cannot do this. Therefore, you should ensure you keep it clean in milk or water until you get to our oral surgeon or dentist.

If we are able to get the knocked-out tooth back into its socket within one hour of the incident, then there is a higher chance of saving it. Avoid holding the tooth by the roots since you could transfer germs and bacteria to those parts, causing an infection once the insertion is done.

Extruded or Partially Dislodged Tooth

A tooth may be only partially knocked out. If this happens, you can utilize a cold compress to minimize swelling. Over the counter medication may also help ease pain and allow you to be stable and comfortable as you seek to visit us at our dental office.

Cut Lip, Tongue, or Cheek

If your tongue, lip, or cheek is cut, you can apply pressure to stop bleeding. Use sterile gauze in order to minimize the likelihood of having an infection or developing other complications. For significant cuts, consider visiting an emergency room if the bleeding does not subside.

Our oral surgeon can close the cut tissue with sutures and administer antibiotics to prevent infection. Soft tissue injuries involving the cheek, tongue, lips, and other parts of the mouth should not be neglected. Apart from the pain they present, there is also a danger that an infection can occur. The mouth harbors many harmful bacteria, and if they find open wounds, they can infiltrate the area.

Fractured or Broken Dentures or Broken Wires and Braces

Some dental emergencies may not involve an injury to the soft or hard tissue. Take the case of broken wires and braces, for example. They present the risk of injury. The wire can break and stick out from the brackets of your braces. As such, it may risk you injuring or poking around the mouth, especially the tongue. You can try to push the broken wire to a position where it feels more comfortable, then visit our emergency dental office. If not, try to place a cotton swab in the area and leave the wire just the way it is until you see our dentist.

FAQs About Emergency Dentistry

Common frequently asked questions we get from our patients include things to do after a broken or chipped tooth and what a true dental emergency really is. Here, we answer some of the questions we have come across.

What should I do after knocking out a tooth?
Get to an emergency dentist immediately if you have knocked out a tooth. Do not touch the tooth, and if you do, just hold it gently by the crown. Ensure you rinse the tooth in water and avoid scrubbing it. You want to see that it remains intact and moist while you get to the dental office. Put the tooth inside a cup of milk or water so that it remains wet. You could also place it between the cheek and gums, then head to the dentist.

How do I deal with a jaw fracture?
A painful, dislocated, or fractured jaw may be taken care of by an oral surgeon. However, serious cases, such as a severe jaw breakage, may require a hospital visit rather than seeing an oral surgeon. Therefore, act quickly and do not delay treatment.

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Visit our emergency dental office if you are in a situation that requires immediate assistance by an emergency dentist. Call us at Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery by dialing (208) 343-0909 to schedule an appointment.

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