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A few decades ago, people who lost all their teeth only had the option of using dentures. However, in spite of rapid dental advancements, dentures do not quite give you the look, function, feel, and comfort of natural teeth. They are also prone to slipping in the mouth, cause lisps while speaking, and can cause mouth sores.

Moreover, they do nothing to prevent the resorption of the jawbone, which can cause your face to sag.

At Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, we offer you alternatives to traditional dentures, including overdentures.

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are similar to regular dentures in the sense that they look a bit similar, are removable and can replace some or all the missing teeth in your upper or lower arch. However, this is where the similarity ends.

Overdentures are supported by dental implants, which means they are much more stable than regular dentures.

At Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, Dr. Cole Anderson will place implants where your canine teeth used to be. These implants are equipped with a metal bar that allows the overdentures to snap into place.

The pontics or artificial teeth on the overdenture are attached as a single unit and can be easily removed by you when you need to clean them or before you go to sleep.

Benefits of Overdentures Over Regular Dentures

Overdentures come with several benefits over traditional dentures:

•  Overdentures provide a much more stable and comfortable fit then regular dentures.
•  Overdentures minimize the resorption of the alveolar ridge and hence preserve the natural shape of your mouth.
•  Overdentures are more effective in distributing the force of your bite evenly across all the teeth.
•  If there are some healthy teeth remaining in your mouth, overdentures can relieve the pressure on them by distributing the force of your bite evenly across all the natural and artificial teeth.
•  Overdentures are also beneficial for people with conditions like cleft palate, Class III occlusion, cleidocranialdysostosis (the abnormal development of the bones and teeth), and oligodontia (absence of six or more teeth in baby teeth, adult teeth, or both.

Caring for Your Overdentures

Like all dental prosthetic devices, you will need to take care of your overdentures so that they can last you for a long time.

If you have some natural teeth left, it is most essential to keep your oral hygiene as well as clean your overdentures thoroughly so that you do not fall victim to dental caries and gum disease. Even if you don’t have any natural teeth left, practicing good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease.

Overdentures should be removed before you go to sleep and cleaned with a soft-bristled toothbrush. The implant attachments in your mouth should also be cleaned with the brush.

You also need to be diligent when it comes to keeping your dental appointments with us to ensure your overdentures fit comfortably and your mouth remains healthy.

If it is your first time getting dental surgery, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us by calling at (208) 343-0909 so that Dr. Cole Anderson can assess the health of your mouth and discuss your options with you.

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