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Woman having a consultation with an oral surgeon from Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery in Boise, IDOral surgery is an in-demand and exciting career field, especially if you love to help people and are good with your hands. A certified oral surgeon, also known as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, performs corrective surgeries on the teeth, jaw, and face.

Whether you're getting braces as an adult, having dental implants, or need to fix something with your jaw, it's essential to choose an oral surgeon who can handle the procedure best.

What is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a specialized dentist who has completed additional years of education and training in surgical procedures related to the mouth and jaw.

Standard oral surgery procedures include wisdom tooth removal, dental implant placement, corrective jaw surgery, and biopsies.

Oral surgeons also treat face, mouth, and jaw traumatic injuries. Patients may be referred to an oral surgeon by their regular dentist or another medical professional.

The level of education and training required for oral surgeons means they are highly skilled in performing even complex surgeries with precision and care.

While some people may feel anxious about undergoing surgery in such a sensitive area, an oral surgeon's expertise can help make the procedure as comfortable and successful as possible.
Overall, oral surgeons play a crucial role in maintaining overall oral health.

Reasons You Should Choose an Oral Surgeon

When faced with the need for oral surgery, it is essential to choose a qualified specialist. Here are seven reasons an oral surgeon is the best choice for your needs:
•  An oral surgeon has completed advanced education and training in surgical techniques and anesthesia administration.
•  Oral surgeons have expertise in complicated cases such as impacted wisdom teeth, jaw surgery, and traumatic injuries.
•  They are skilled in managing complications and emergencies that may arise during surgery.
•  The equipment and facilities in an oral surgeon's office are designed specifically for surgical procedures.
•  An oral surgeon can provide comfortable sedation options for nervous patients.
•  Many insurance providers recognize oral surgeons as specialists, meaning they may provide better coverage for surgical procedures.
•  Your overall health and well-being are the top priorities for an oral surgeon, leading to better outcomes for your procedure.

When considering your options for oral surgery, choosing an experienced specialist like an oral surgeon will give you peace of mind and the best possible results.

When Should I Consider an Oral Surgeon?

When it comes to oral health, it is always important to seek the advice of a professional. While your general dentist may be able to handle minor issues, more complex problems, such as impacted wisdom teeth or jaw misalignment, may require specialized care from an oral surgeon.

Oral surgeons receive extensive training and experience in surgical procedures, making them the best choice for severe oral complications. Additionally, they often offer sedation options for a more comfortable experience.

While your regular dentist may be able to handle more routine procedures, if you are facing a serious issue involving your teeth, mouth, or jaw, our oral surgeon, Dr. Cole Anderson, can help.

Here at Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, we ensure to provide our patients with the best possible outcome for their oral health needs. For more questions or to schedule an appointment, call today at (208) 343-0909.

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